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Dawgfancy Tee's and Oddities, made in USA by a retired American

Starlink Me! tee shirt

Cybernetic assimilation starts here
"you will be assimilated; resistance is futile"
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Starlink me tee shirt

NeuraLink Me! tee shirt

I am ready for the future, time to retire mouse & keyboard
Just put in auto backup or tattoo my name and address on the
back of my hand for those inevitable crashes.
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Neuralink tee shirt
Why I’m turning my son into a cyborg
In 15 years we’ll be able to upload education to our brains. So can I stop saving for my kids’ college?
What is Transhumanism?
hunter rubbing deer nuts

Don't be like this guy

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lucky nuts

Clueless tee shirt!

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clueless tee shirt

Fifth tee shirt!

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fifth tee shirt

DawgFancy pocket tee shirt!

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dawgfancy pocket tee shirt

Hex Dawgfancy tee shirt!

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hex dawgfancy tee shirt
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